[postgis-users] Multiple Schemas with PostGIS

Stefan Schwarzer stefan.schwarzer at grid.unep.ch
Mon Jan 15 21:57:45 PST 2007

>>> Hi,
>>> I would like to place my postgis libs into another schema; or   
>>> eventually have two schemas with the postgis extension.
>>> An older message ( http://postgis.refractions.net/pipermail/ 
>>> postgis- users/2006-January/010602.html ) indicates that it is  
>>> not possible to  have postgis in multiple schemas.
>>> Is this still the status quo? Or has this changed and then how  
>>> can I  install postgis in another schema?
>> Nothing changed in this reguard. The hard part is PL/pgsql functions
>> in need to know where postgis is installed. Might be done at build
>> time, but then your enabler script will be bound to your specific
>> configuration. IIRC later pgsql version behave more nicely.
> We use it all the time installed a one schema and referenced in  
> another schema. We control this by setting up users and search_path.

Can you explain more exactly what that means? The reference, and what  
I am supposed to do? If I am not mistaken, the search_path can be  
specified in postgres.conf, no?


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