[postgis-users] AddGeometryColumn on VIEW?

Jan Peters petersjan at gmx.at
Mon Jul 2 10:26:07 PDT 2007

Hello list,
I just tried to load a PostGIS VIEW in mapserver (which worked already with another VIEW). Mapserver repsonded that there was no SRID information. Investigating on this I found that the geometry_columns table did not contain the information regarding this view, so I tried a 

SELECT AddGeometryColumn('public', 'v_iis_map_2007_07_2_18105984', 'the_geom', -1, 'POINT', 2);

on my view and my client responded, that v_iis_map_2007_07_2_18105984 wasn't a table and quit with an error. The view exists, btw, I checked that with a SELECT statement. As I said, I already have information on other VIEWs in that geometry_columns table, so I was wondering how the syntax looked like, when I added the columns for those views a few month ago...

Could anybody point me to the correct way of doing this? Is there maybe a way of pointing all my temporary views to one row in the geometry_columns table (from mapserver), because the structure of the views (i.e. there columns) do not change, just the rows?

Thanks in advance

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