[postgis-users] You've found a bug!

John Cole john.cole at uai.com
Tue Jul 17 12:02:51 PDT 2007

Running pgsql2shp with the following query on a tiger lkA table, I get a
notice that I've found a bug :-)  This query worked with 8.1.


"select coalesce(fedirp || ' ', '') || fename || coalesce(' ' || fetype, '')
|| coalesce(' ' || fedirs, '') as name, case when substring(fename, '(Old)')
is not null then null else substring(fename,
]]R|Sr|Co|Carretera|St[[:space:]]Rt|C Rd|Co
R|County[[:space:]]Route|Cr-?)+[[:space:]]?([[:digit:]]+)') end  as hwy_num,
cfcc, transform(simplify(segmentize(transform(collect(the_geom), 1000000),
1), 3), 4326) as the_geom from TGR01001 where substring(cfcc,
'(A[456789])+') is not null group by cfcc, hwy_num, fedirp, fename, fetype,
fedirs order by cfcc desc"  

Preparing table for user query... Done.

Initializing... type 'GEOMETRYCOLLECTION' is not Supported at this time.

The DBF file will be created but not the shx or shp files.

You've found a bug! (pgsql2shp.c:2869)






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