[postgis-users] Unable to convert shapefile layer to postgis layer

Jonathan Aguero jua130 at psu.edu
Thu Jul 19 09:37:02 PDT 2007

The M geometries are actually there, the problem is that the clients (Qgis
and Udig) can not display them (AFAIK). I was working with some polinesM
recently and I keep two geometries, one with the M's for the analysis and
one without the M's for display (using force_2d function to convert them).
So you actually converted the layer, just cannot display it, but everything
else should work.


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st_force_2d() - does this mean i must change my shape field from PolgonM to
Polygon, I have done that using ET Geowizard in ArcGIS and able to view the

On 19/07/07, Michael Fuhr <mike at fuhr.org> wrote:

On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 07:50:19AM +0200, Intengu Technologies wrote: 
> Using shp2pgsql to convert a shapefile to postgis, creates the table (can
> view using pgadmin) but cannot view the feature in udig. Here is my syntax
> at the prompt: shp2pgsql.exe -s 4148  mypath \allotment_el.shp allotmentel
> psql database - U myname
> Having pressed  enter for password this comes up
> Shapefile type: PolygonM
> Postgis type: Multipolygonm[3]
> Password for user myname:
> shp2pgsql executes and creates the table. 

Does uDig support 3-dimensional geometries?  I couldn't view your
original geometry with uDig or QGIS but I was able to view a
2-dimensional version returned by st_force_2d().

Michael Fuhr
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