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Wed Jul 25 01:59:30 PDT 2007

Am 20.07.2007, 18:12 Uhr, schrieb Cristian Olguín Avila  
<cristianolguin at gmail.com>:

> hi...
> i need help to connect and use my database postgresql with postgis...  
> with
> visual basic...
> thanks

what do you want to do? just view data, then you better use something like  
uDig or qGis which can connect to postgis and show the data. To get this  
managed via VB you will get lots of problems.
a schematic way to handle this is:
1. connect to database via oledb (no problem)
2. create a workspace, where you can manage your geometryobjects (greater  
problem) if you dont want to use shapefiles as an intermediate storage
3. create something to visualize your objects (medium problem, but lots of  
work to do it right)

For that problem, i would prefer C# or C++, because you can use the pglib,  
which increases the speed your dataconnection. For that you can serch for  
the ziggis-project, they are creating an postGIS-ArcGIS-Connector in C#

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