[postgis-users] how to insersect a rectangle with a geometry?

Stefan Zweig stefanzweig1881 at web.de
Wed Jul 25 06:55:52 PDT 2007

hi list,

i would like to the following: i want to intersect a rectangle (e.g. a rectangle obtained from a bounding box from another object) with an arbitrary geometry

i tried that the following way:

st_intersection(SetSRID(MakeBox2D(SetSRID(MakePoint(13, 51),4326),SetSRID(MakePoint(20, 55),4326)),4326),staaten."the_geom")

but i got an NOTICE:  IllegalArgumentException: points must form a closed linestring

ERROR: POSTGIS2GEOS conversion failed
SQL Status:XX000

which alternative is there to process the above intersection?

thanks in advance, stefan
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