[postgis-users] Postgis spatial dialect provider

karel karel at cadrie.com
Sat Jul 28 02:28:39 PDT 2007

Hi Thorsten, Norman,

Here is the download page for Hibernate Spatial: http:// 
download.html. You'll find the Postgis provider near the bottom of  
the page.

I'm aware that our documentation is still rather incomplete. So if  
you have any question, just mail and I'll be happy to answer. You  
could also subscribe to our mailing list: http://www.cadrie.com/ 

Norman wrote:
> I hope the team from MAJAS will comment on this, I would rather we  
> all contributed to one hibernate spatial code base with the focus  
> on postgis.

I'm moving the Hibernate Spatial code away from the MAJAS project and  
give it it's own home on org.hibernatespatial. I believe that such a  
domain is a more natural home than org.postgis because one of the key  
features of Hibernate is that it insulates you from the differences  
between databases. The reason I started developing this library in  
the first place, is that my clients use Oracle Spatial in production  
but I rather develop on top of Postgis. So with Hibernate Spatial I  
can simply switch databases during integration testing and roll-out.  
During coding, I don't have to bother about the differences between  
database systems.

I agree with Norman and hope that we can collaborate on one Hibernate  
Spatial code. And from there move up the tool chain (Hibernate Tools,  
Seams, etc.) and extend these frameworks with spatial capabilities.  
But for the reasons stated, I'm a bit apprehensive about developing  
"with a focus on postgis". Out there, many organisations use MySQL,  
Oracle, DB2 and Informix. They matter too, and equally.

Btw, there is also an NHibernate.spatial by Ricardo Stuven out there  
for the .NET developers. I'm in contact with him, and we're thinking  
about converging our code bases at some stage. If we could pull that  
off and extend support to most databases, we'd have a tool that  
greatly facilitates cross-platform, cross-database  development.


Karel Maesen

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