[postgis-users] Re: St. Louis Fed GeoFRED site uses PostGIS

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Tue Jul 31 08:36:54 PDT 2007

Hi PostGIS'ers. Here's another fun example of PostGIS at work, in this 
case in the world of economics.

George Essig wrote:
> FYI, we just went live with another website that uses PostGIS.  From the help page:
> GeoFRED is a web application that allows users to create thematic maps of U.S. economic data for
> geographies including states, counties, and metropolitan statistical areas. Maps can be created
> from over 12,000 regional data series available in the FRED database. Regional data series include
> civilian labor force, residential population, and unemployment rate. Various tools allow users to
> customize and print these maps.
> http://geofred.stlouisfed.org/
> http://geofred.stlouisfed.org/help.php
> Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


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