[postgis-users] problem with shp2pgsql / psql import

Stefan Zweig stefanzweig1881 at web.de
Tue Jul 31 02:58:32 PDT 2007

hi list,

i have a problem with converting some data from *.shp to *.sql and importing it into my postgis

i did the following:

shp2pgsql -s 4326 -d -w -I myshapefile.shp public._g2793 > _g2793.sql
psql -d mapdata -f _g2793.sql

but after i have run them both i get lots of null geometry in my column the_geom when selecting with
select id, name, astext(the_geom) from _g2793. if a view the shapefile with a shapefile viewer it looks alright.

i have attached an excerpt of the _g2793.sql which creates the table and imports one geometry row. maybe anybody can try importing this in his/her postgis and see whether postgis gives as well a null geometry after

select id, name, astext(the_geom) from _g2793

i have no idea what is wrong with the INSERT statement. is there something like a geometry/WKT-validator?

i appreciate any help,

thanks in advance, stefan
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