[postgis-users] Dateline and polar regions and any other spatialgotchas

Norman Barker nbarker at ittvis.com
Tue Jun 26 18:12:14 PDT 2007

I have used postgis in a project for polar regions, when I received a few interesting projections, it was as simple as adding them to postgis by finding the corresponding proj4 definition and adding it to the spatial_ref_sys table.

I used python and GDAL to get the proj4 definition for the image bbox I was registering, and then just added it to PostGIS. 


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Most of the work our company (GlobeXplorer) has done with postGIS has been in US markets where such things as dateline math isn't much of an issue. We use SRID 4326 to store the data in.

We (DigitalGlobe) are evaluating PostgreSQL and Oracle for a largish project using data all over the planet, and before I make any bald assertions I thought I'd ask and see if there are:

a) know issues with datelines or other gnarly parts of the world ?

b) workarounds ?

Thanks for any info ... tried trolling the website and didn't find any caveats, but the mail list archive isn't really searchable so I am hoping this is not a FAQ (if it is, point me at it!).


Greg Williamson
Senior DBA
GlobeXplorer, a DigitalGlobe company

Greg Williamson
GlobeXplorer LLC, a DigitalGlobe company

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