[postgis-users] PostGIS 1.3.3 on Windows XP Unstable

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Yes, and AFAIK, you need to create an empty shapefile ahead of time to
output the result to, otherwise ArcMap will add a new row/feature to the
existing layer, which most likely is not what anyone would want. Note
the layer st99_d00_union in my screenshots. It is not intuitive at all,
I know. I would simply use one of the stand-alone tools if I knew of one
that performs the operation I want. I tried the Dissolve tool, like you
suggested, (specifying no attributes) and it appeared to perform an
aggregate union in 3.0 seconds. ArcMap might be faster because it does
everything in-memory (i.e. it does no file I/O).



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To use the approach below you need to 'Stop Editing' so that the union
edits are written to the shapefile.


However, I think an easier approach is to not use the GUI Editing
interface and rather the 'Dissolve' tool in the (Geoprocessing tool
reference > Data Management toolbox > Generalization toolset > Tools),
which will take and input datasource and output a new one through the
'ArcToolbox' dialog.


Here is the direct link to the tool help (should help you find it in the
Toolbox view):




A Happy-PosGIS-User-Once-A-Confused-Clicky-ArcGIS-User,


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