[postgis-users] Re: Upload a shapefile to PostGIS via Web?

Xiaoyu Guan guanxiaoyu at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 06:56:17 PDT 2008

Dear All:
I wrote a small python script which could convert shapefile to sql. I still
wondering it is possible to run this kind of tool on Apache + Mod_python.
Here is my codes.

import os, string
Psql= 'C:\\temp\\bin\\psql.exe '
sqlfile= 'C:\\test.sql'
options= "-s 4326 -i -I "
Shp2pgsql='C:\\temp\\bin\\shp2pgsql.exe '
cmd = Shp2pgsql + options + shapefile + ' test > ' + sqlfile

cmd2 = Psql + '-d databaseTest -f ' + sqlfile

Thanks in advance

All the best


Xiaoyu Guan (Sam)
Geo-information Science
Wageningen UR
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