[postgis-users] Flow Diagram Graphics

Bob Pawley rjpawley at shaw.ca
Thu Aug 21 11:02:34 PDT 2008

Actually it's an engineering drawing that is known as a Process and 
Instrument Diagram - a little more complex than a normal flow diagram, it 
shows processes, piping to and from the processes and the devices that are 
required to control the process.

I have it to the point of being able to add up to four process graphics and 
identify the input and outputs that are needed. I'm using standard Postgis 
functions to move and position each graphic. The graphics are driven by a 
PostgreSQL database.

It seems to be quite doable using Postgis functions, however the graphic 
display is the problem at the moment.


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> Hi Bob,
> Do you mean flowcharts in the sense of an org-chart? Rectangles or other 
> shapes connected with arrows?
> I am not so sure if this is the strength of GIS software. There are tons 
> of commercial and OS Software packages out there for flowcharts, starting 
> with Visio and Inspiration on the commercial side, and continueing with 
> dia, graphviz, kivio and others on the OS side. Most of these packages 
> support SVG export - some of them are also scriptable - means usable on a 
> webserver.
> I agree that SVG makes a lot of sense for presenting flow-charts.
> Do you need to generate those flowcharts automatically - db-driven?
> What specific GIS feature are you intending to use for the flowchart 
> generation?
> Andreas
> Bob Pawley wrote:
>> As some of you may know, I am working with Postgis to create a flow 
>> diagram. So far, considering the challenges and my learning ability, I 
>> have been making good progress.
>> I have been using QuantumGIS as a graphical tool. However I now think it 
>> is time to seek a graphic display that is more suitable for my purpose.
>> Ideally, I would want the display area to be full screen, limited pan and 
>> zoom and be able to lock the needed Postgis table(s) to the display.
>> I have looked at developing SVG for this purpose, but it looks rather 
>> intimidating for my level of competance.
>> Would anyone have an idea for a solution that they may wish to share??
>> Bob
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