[postgis-users] postgis install error in windows

Gustavo Ces g.ces at pettra.es
Fri Aug 22 03:44:21 PDT 2008

Hi Mark,

    yes, it´s a windows file permissions problem. But i´m the administrator 
so i don´t know... Googling i've found there´re problems with read only 
attribute in windows xp ( but it nevers was a problem until now).  You can´t 
change read-only attribute with some folders ... But it´s not a problem for 
windows to delete that read-only folders ( well, sometimes yes). I can 
delete postgresql installation folder but can´t write files into the same 

 But what i can´t understand is what is different  now : i have installed 
previous version of both postgresql and postgis and never had this issue. 
Maybe something have changed in postgresql install method? I´ll search in 
postgresql forum...

And other problem is, why can´t  i find any other info about this topic in 
Inet? It seems a problem in my computer... Any examples of successfull 
installation of postgresql with postgis 1.3.3 or 1.3.2 will be 
welcomed! :)

I´ll try to install postigs in other computer this afternoon...


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> Gustavo Ces wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  i´m trying to upgrade my postgresql version ( it was 8.2) in windows , 
>> so i' ve downloaded and installed postgresql 8.3. When i try to install 
>> postgis 1.3.3 with the Application Stack Builder and after downloading 
>> the postgis installer, appears an error
>>  "Error opening file for writing" ( see jpg)
>>  everytime it wants to copy a file to the install_folder.
>> I was changed the directory name, i have downloaded postgis installation 
>> files from pgFoundry, i have changed to postgis 1.3.2 but nothing works.
>> Any help?
>> Thanks in advance,
>>  Gus
> Hi Gus,
> It almost looks like it's just a simple file permissions problem. Are you 
> running the installer as an administrator, and does the administrator user 
> have the correct file permissions on the relevant directories?
> HTH,
> Mark.
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