[postgis-users] Shp2pgsql : unable to convert french UTF8encoded shapefiles

Michael Fuhr mike at fuhr.org
Mon Feb 4 09:45:12 PST 2008

On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 04:40:32PM +0100, Alexandre Gacon wrote:
> I have checked my data and it is UTF8 (the 'é' character is encoded as E9).

é <U+00E9 LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH ACUTE> in UTF-8 is <c3 a9>.
If you see it encoded as <e9> then the encoding is probably LATIN1,
LATIN9, or WIN1252.

> shp2pgsql fra94034______00 teleatlas_2007.testdb -W "UTF-8" > myfile.sql

I was able to load this data into a UTF-8 database if I used
"-W LATIN1".

Michael Fuhr

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