[postgis-users] Re: if i use postgis, is it true that i'll then have to worry about supporting only 1 database??

Paul Ramsey pramsey at refractions.net
Fri Feb 8 09:38:31 PST 2008

Indeed, it looks like there was a form of low-level time support that  
must have been built in the academic research days... it only  
survived into the 6.X series:


As the page notes, you can do historical information storage with  
triggers pretty easily.  This is distinct, however, from "versioning"  
as understood by ESRI, which is a form of branch-and-merge operation.


On 8-Feb-08, at 8:55 AM, Chris Hermansen wrote:

> Postgres (not PostgreSQL) had a kind of versioning built-in; it was
> called "time travel".
> I believe that time travel was supported at one time in PostgreSQL,  
> too,
> and there is some contributed stuff laying about in the PostgreSQL
> install that would indicate it's still do-able.
> dnrg wrote:
>>> In order to do this, you may need some interchange
>>> software developed - for instance, if you have to do
>>> any "traditional cartography", how will you proceed?
>>> By converting your data to shapefile and then using
>>> ArcView?  How will you maintain / update your
>>> data?  Using QGIS, or will you have to buy say some
>>> kind of plugin software component for Arc*** so that
>>> you can edit the PostGIS spatial data?
>> ESRI tells me that, at the ArcGIS Desktop release 9.3,
>> you'll be able to edit PostGIS data as core
>> functionality. No SDE required. This will open doors
>> and minds I hope. Paul, any comments on that?
>> At ArcGIS Desktop 9.2, evidently, you can already edit
>> PostGIS data using the Interoperability extension.
>> Paul, will PostGIS ever have versioning functionality
>> for editing workflows similar to ArcSDE? Guess that
>> would pervert the data, and then PostGIS would "own"
>> the data in a way like ArcSDE does presently. Still,
>> many shops find versioning valuable for workflows.
>> Not sure how I feel about versioning. Just curious how
>> PostGIS developers feel about it--if it's in the
>> development roadmap / pipeline or not. And if not, why
>> not.
>> Dana
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