[postgis-users] Thematic mapping with PostGIS

Doug Foster doug.foster at earthsense.com
Sat Feb 9 16:08:22 PST 2008

I am new to PostGIS, and want a good Windows desktop mapping tool to view
and thematically map boundary data from my PostGIS database.  I have
Quantum, which is a nice viewer, but it doesn't seem to do thematic mapping.
I am a heavy MapInfo and Maptitude user, but they don't read PostGIS spatial
boundaries.  I wish they would.


Is there a free/inexpensive tool to view and do some nice thematics?  I
would also like to have the "natural break" routine, which I use by default
since it's the beast way to break up the categories.


I have been doing all my database work in SQL Server and then linking from
MapInfo and linking with equivalent boundary files (census block groups and
zip codes for all USA).  That's for the birds when I'm running routines in
SQL Server and want to view the results graphically on an interactive basis.
It's very clumsy.  So PostgeSQL/PostGIS is a much better solution but I
haven't found a good way to view the results spatially.







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