[postgis-users] 'Measure' 3D points on Polygons?

cgnicholas at alamedanet.net cgnicholas at alamedanet.net
Tue Feb 12 13:25:34 PST 2008

greetings - I'm wondering if the 'Measure' stuff works at all for
Polygons.  I'm trying to associate a Z value with each vertex of a polygon
(restricted to triangles for the moment.

I AddGeometryColumn with a dimension of '3', etc, and am able to insert
points that indeed have a Z. Things are GiST indexed properly, etc.

But I don't seem to be able to retrieve the vertex data with the Z
value...is this supported for polygons?  I'm trying to cast things to
'PolygonM', etc; still no luck...


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