[postgis-users] Re: postgis-users Digest, Vol 64, Issue 13

Richard Heimann [C] richard.heimann at nrl.navy.mil
Wed Feb 13 15:40:27 PST 2008

Hello All,

I am experiencing some strange behavior with PostGIS and Udig...behavior
that has certainly been handled before (I suspect) but I could find no
mention of it on the mailing lists.

After connecting to my PostgreSQL Db(8.2) with PostGIS (1.3.1) via
Udig(1.1 RC11) I get some of my dataset showing their proper geometry
while others with a generic block symbol. These layers (with the generic
block) will not load into Udig, I receive an exception "targetCRS should
not be null."

Ive checked the table and it most certainly has the appropriate branding,
moreover all the derived tables appear correctly. In fact, I can create a
table using a select * and that table appears correctly.

Any suggestions. I also vacumed the table and recalibrated its statistics.



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