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Wed Feb 20 23:20:34 PST 2008

In effect, this issue is about styling of KML, and not so
much about the real data itself. I wonder whether postgis 
should be concerned with that too much. 

askml() produces only partial KML fragments anyway, so you
always have to make an effort, external to postgis, to 
produce valid KML for display in GE (e.g. using XSLT). 
This may as well include styling. 

I'm not suggesting this is not a good idea, but IMHO, it's
not essential.


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>As far as the KML proposal and syntax, I think both Paul and Martin's 

>suggestions are good improvements.
>> What about providing a string parameter which can supply the various
>> options in a human-readable format?
>> E.g. "extrude=1 tesselate=0 altitudeMode=clampToGround"
>> Easy to read, easy to parse, easy to extend...
>If I had to choose between them I think the ease of reading of this  
>approach above is the nicest, if not most grass=like.
>Thanks so much to Eduin for pulling this together.
>Anyone have more thoughts?
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