[postgis-users] Enormous file geodatabase feature class > PostgreSQL/PostGIS? + attribute column standardization app or process?

dnrg dananrg at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 20 02:44:37 PST 2008

Frank, thanks for the info. 

> You may find it helpful to use ogrinfo on your .mdb
> file to determine the name of layers as OGR sees
> them.

So you're saying OGR does not support the file
geodatabase (*.gdb) today.

The personal geodatabase (*.mdb) has a limitation,
last I checked, of 2G--that's all Access supports. My
data is at least 7G, so I may initially have to use
the file geodatabase format, if I have to use an ESRI
product at all.

But I'm sure I can work around the 2G personal
geodatabase limitation(*.mdb). I'm glad OGR can work
with geodatabase mdb files.

> Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I think the
> would like to be open, but it just isn't much
> of a priority.

Sounds good to me. Here's hoping.

Paul, you wrote:

> Tables, they're called tables. Why must everything
> re-named in ESRI-land? Oh wait, I forgot, "GIS is
> different".

But Paul, "Feature Classes" are double-plus good. And
I vid'ee (while I'm mixing dystopian references
here--"Orange" you glad...), charitably, that they
might have chosen the term to favor the language of
object orientation than the language of newspeak. Or
not. Table is simpler for sure.

> People have loaded the 500M features of UK Ordnance
> Survey into PostGIS. Refractions has 20M feature 
> hydrology databases.  TIGER has been loaded 
> many times (50M features).

Thanks for that. So PostGIS is ready for prime time.

>> My system will be an OLAP, not an
>> OLTP--so once the data is loaded, there won't be
>> much
>> editing to speak of.

> Then it won't be particularly concurrent. It's write
> contention that causes concurrency issues, not read
> contention.

It'll be concurrent--many concurrent reads onlys; few

I misspoke when I said OLAP--won't have a star or
snowflake schema, etc. And the queries won't take long
to run.

It will be a mostly read-only, spatial database, hit
(probably) through a browser / MapServer to get to

> Finally, does it look like ESRI will ever open its
> geodatabase format in the way they've opened up the
> shapefile?

That is an issue worth exploring, since the official
have said it would be open, but I never really thought
it was worth
agitating over since the format hadn't "arrived". But
it's part of a
shipping product now. Hm. Where's our open access?

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