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Martin Davis mbdavis at refractions.net
Wed Feb 20 08:45:44 PST 2008

Good points, but is there the option of providing named constants in 

Also, what about when they add more altitude mode options (say)...?

Brian Hamlin wrote:
> hmmm well I dont object to BtFields, BitFields are the *easiest* I think
> it gives you a named constant which is just the addition of other 
> named constants
> eg
>   clampToGround + extrude
> I am not sure I follow yecarillo's choice of values though
> (apparently all values are to be above 15 to avoid the precision range)
> but say you choose bits 0-4 as precision
> there are 2 values each of extrude and tesselate, so 1 bit each
> then altitude mode needs 2 bits for three possible values
> xxxx-xxxx
> 7654-3210
> using bits 4-7 for the flags, and 3-0 for precision works fine
> in this day and age who needs bit flags, anyway..
> but properly named, they are actually an easy interface
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