[postgis-users] newbie question: PostGIS and .NET?

Jean David TECHER david.techer at davidgis.fr
Tue Jul 15 11:32:56 PDT 2008

Quoting Saka Royban <srph124 at yahoo.com>:

> Hi all.
> Sorry for elementary question. but i didn't find anything to support  
>  PostGIS in .NET environment.
> just some driver for Java.
> I mainly wanna make a desktop GIS applications and it sounds PostGIS  
>  helpful to be used as a back-end to manage large number of   
> shapefiles. So, is there a way to use this spatial database in .NET?
For PostgreSQL you have Npgsql that support PostgreSQL queries

> Queries support by PostGIS are excellent but i need to have export   
> of SQL commands in shapefile.

You have pgsql2shp that could do it! Perhaps need to use API to .net?

> Thanks
> saka

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