[postgis-users] Selecting the srid for AddGeometryColumn

R H enoop at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 17 14:16:13 PDT 2008

I added a column AddGeometryColumn(db,'table','geo', 26912, 'POINT', 2); 
update table set geo = setsrid(MakePoint(x, y), 26912)
Because the data I was working with was in the this projection 26912.
The problem now is I have data outside of this projection I need to add to the column.  I am guessing I needed to add the column with a more general srid, and then transform to the general srid?  My question is...  Is there a general projection for the western US or something similar?  I was thinking srid = 4269?  But I'm not sure if this is correct?  Or if this is the right approach?  But below is what i would do instead?
AddGeometryColumn(db,'table','geo', 4269, 'POINT', 2);
update table set geo = transform(setsrid(MakePoint(x, y), 26912), 4269)
update table set geo = transform(setsrid(MakePoint(x, y), 32107), 4269)
any help much appreciated
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