[postgis-users] Compare SQL Server 2008 Spatial, PostGIS, MySQL functionality

Chris Hermansen chris.hermansen at timberline.ca
Fri Jul 18 08:51:38 PDT 2008

Martin, so polite!!!

"...do not require any magic configuration parameters"

to which the temptation to add "that no one ever gets right" is far, far
too great to pass up.

Martin Davis wrote:
> A couple of comments:
> Web Mapping Toolkits - the latest release of MapServer claims to
> support SQLServer (although with what actual functionality I don't know)
> Spatial Indexes - SQLServer does use a multi-level grid hierarchy as
> stated, but Oracle and IBM do not.  Oracle supports an R-tree index,
> and recommends using it for spatial indexing.  IBM I think uses the
> somewhat bizarre Hipparchus index (although they may also support
> something more orthodox).  A key difference between R-trees and grid
> indexes is that R-trees are self-tuning and do not require any magic
> configuration parameters.
> Paragon wrote:
>> As part of our due diligence work, we are formulating a comparison of
>> the
>> spatial functionality offered by SQL Server 2008 Spatial, PostGIS and
>> MySQL.
>> Its currently in draft, but we hope to release within the next week.
>> We would appreciate if people could take a quick look at it and let
>> us know
>> if you see any gross errors or important things we left out.  Most of
>> this
>> information we curled from reading the help docs of each product and
>> from
>> our general familiarity with the databases and GIS products out
>> there.  We
>> tried to be as fair as possible.
>> http://www.bostongis.com/PrinterFriendly.aspx?content_name=sqlserver2008_pos
>> tgis_mysql_compare
>> Thanks,
>> Regina and Leo
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