[postgis-users] performence of function "GOES.WKBreader.readerHex() "

anigold anigold at 163.com
Sun Jul 27 18:20:51 PDT 2008

 i'm new to postgis and GEOS.In recent days i wrote a application based on 'postgis' and 'GEOS'. and everything is OK. but it is REALLY long time to finish the function:
 geos::geom::Geomtry* pgeom = GOES.WKBreader.readerHex(...);
i import a shp file ( polygon type,1.4M exclude dbf file size ) to db,the function above need 3500ms to finish. 
i try the QGIS application and found it works good in speed.
can anyone give some ideas to improve it? 
i use libpq to access the postgresql.
much thanks.
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