***SPAM***[postgis-users] error with PgRouting 1.02 on Win32

Bruce Rindahl rindahl at lrcwe.com
Mon Jul 28 13:36:29 PDT 2008

fsalas wrote:
> Hi,
> why when i try to excecute ths sentece SELECT * FROM 
> shortest_path('SELECT id, source, target,x1,y1,x2,y2,cost,reverse_cost 
> from roads',26,39,true,true);
> appear this error
> I follow the instruction on tutorial PgRouting 1.02 on Win32
But you didn't do this step:

      4.1. Change to do for reverse_cost

Here before using our functions, we must take care of the value of field 
reverse_cost. Indeed reverse_cost must take positive value else 
PostgreSQL server crash! :(. We can take a expensive value. 
reverse_cost=1000 should be enough in order to supporting one-way streets.

UPDATE roads SET reverse_cost=1000 WHERE oneway='Y';

Restart your server and run the above sql command.


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