[postgis-users] encoding and german umlaute

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You could also set the client encoding at the database level if setting it
in Manifold is not an option and all you clients expect latin1.  Although
that is slightly more invasive.

To set at the database level - do one of the following

1) In PgAdmin right click the database - go to variables tab
2) pick client_encoding and set value to latin1
Or the SQL way
ALTER DATABASE somedatabase SET client_encoding=latin1; 

Hope that helps,

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Judging from the gook you're getting in your second example (two characters
for every hibit character) the database probably has the data encoded as

- If your database encoding is UTF8 (use psql -l for a listing of
databases) then the problem is Manifolds fault... for some reason it's
receiving UTF8 but interpreting it as LATIN1.  If you can tell it to "set
client_encoding = latin1" somehow, that might help. Otherwise, complain to
them, they should set their client encoding correctly as part of their
interaction with the database.
- If your database encoding is SQL-ASCII then the problem is your fault...
you've loaded encoded data but not specified the encoding, so the software,
both PgSQL and Manifold, can't create a nice processing chain to ensure it
is rendered correctly. Correct renderings of your data can sometimes happen,
but only by chance. In this case, dump your data and restore it into a UTF8


On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 9:58 AM, gisworks <stefan.overkamp at gisworks.de>
> Hi,
> I'm using postgresql and manifold GIS. With manifold 8.0.8 connecting 
> to my postgres-Database shows scrambled german Umlaute (ä, ö, ü, ß, 
> and so on) in text fields.
> Connecting with manifold 8.0.7 the text is shown correct like in pgadmin:
> "Fläche für die Landwirtschaft"
> Connecting with manifold 8.0.8 the text is shown as: "Fläche für die 
> Landwirtschaft"
> Maybe there is a solution on the postgres side. Are there any 
> tutorials on the setup of encoding to allow german umlaute?
> What configuration would german users use when installing postgresql
> initdb locale, encoding ... ?
> Which encoding I have to use on database creation?
> What is setting client_encoding about?
> Thanks
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