[postgis-users] A webapp for geodata management and dynamic mapping

Nicolas Ribot nicky666 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 07:13:19 PDT 2008

Hi all,

Camptocamp (http://camptocamp.com) has instanciated the development of a
new project which aims to manage geographic data and assist users to
create and export maps or web mapping base sites. The product named
GeoAdminSuite (aka GAS, http://geoadminsuite.org) is a Java EE 5 (non
distributed) application. It uses well-known OpenSource projects
libraries like MapServer as a map engine, MapFish as a web mapping
interface, Geotools 2.4.4 as a core geographic data manipulation.

GAS is composed of 4 parts:

* The Host list, where datasources are configured: PostGIS database is
one of the supported format.
* The Catalog, where geographic data found in the host(s) are listed
(quickview, data view)
* The Map Composer, where selected geographic data are combined into a
map (mapfile edition, classification, labels, etc.)
* The Publisher, where map can be published as a MapFish project

A first release candidate is available at http://geoadminsuite.org with
a few documentation and how-to's. The purpose of this publication is
mostly for having an advice from developpers or potential interested users.
Feel free to post any comment you like to help us going forward on this


Nicolas Ribot

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