[postgis-users] problem to transform coordinates

Felipe Fedel Pinto fedelfelipe at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 16:25:50 PDT 2008

To transform coordinates in PostGis I use the followed function:

UPDATE <table> SET <new_geometry_column> =

I have been having a weird problem when I try to transform coordinates that
are in a SRID=22523.
Ex: I have to transform them to a SRID=4326

UPDATE coordsformiga SET coord_4326 = transform(coord_22523,4326);

where coordsformiga is the table,
          coord_22523 is the original geometry column with the coordinates
in a SRID=22523
          coord_4326 I'd be the geometry column with the coordinates
transformed in a SRID=4326

the problem is:
After the function, in the geometry column (coord_4326), all of the 97
coordinates have the same values.
But it's happening only with a SRID=22523.

Anybody knows what is happening??

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