[postgis-users] Cron / shp2psql

chris brisendine ki4gyw at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 15:08:08 PDT 2008

I have cron running a shell script "
shp2pgsql -d -s 4326 /home/storm/ww/TOR.shp torpoly wxsvr>torpoly.sql
sleep 7
shp2pgsql -d -s 4326 /home/storm/ww/SVR.shp svrpoly wxsvr| psql -d  wxsvr
echo `date`>updated.txt
When i run this from the command line it works flawless but when cron
runs it it dosent update my nwswarnings! Any idea's?
I know the new warnings are being downloaded and the the script is
running cause it writes to the updated.txt file when it runs.
I have tryed it two different ways but no luck...
Chris Brisendine
Henry Co. EMA - Operations and Information Systems.
Home: 731.642.7103
Cell: 731.363.3430
Email: ki4gyw at gmail.com

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