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Gregory Williamson Gregory.Williamson at digitalglobe.com
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In the cron job you may not have the environment (in particular PATH) set; try adding an explicit paths to all file and executable references. ?


Greg Williamson
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On this note, I thought I had fixed my problem but it doesn't work 
either.  I can even run it as a bat but I can't call the bat in visual 
basic or just run the command that is in the bat file.

chris brisendine wrote:
> I have cron running a shell script "
> shp2pgsql -d -s 4326 /home/storm/ww/TOR.shp torpoly wxsvr>torpoly.sql
> sleep 7
> shp2pgsql -d -s 4326 /home/storm/ww/SVR.shp svrpoly wxsvr| psql -d  wxsvr
> echo `date`>updated.txt
> "
> When i run this from the command line it works flawless but when cron
> runs it it dosent update my nwswarnings! Any idea's?
> I know the new warnings are being downloaded and the the script is
> running cause it writes to the updated.txt file when it runs.
> I have tryed it two different ways but no luck...
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