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Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
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Just to add to some things that Robert said.
1) You can also add the serial after the fact with a 
ALTER TABLE new_fields ADD COLUMN gid serial;
ALTER TABLE new_fields  ADD CONSTRAINT pk_new_fields PRIMARY KEY(gid);
3) ST_Intersects is different from Intersects although ST_Intersection
is the same as Intersection.  It includes the && operator so you can
leave out the && in it
CREATE TABLE new_fields AS
   ST_Intersection(f.the_geom, c.the_geom) AS the_geom,
   fields f,
   clu c
    ST_Intersects(f.the_geom, c.the_geom)
Hope that hleps,


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1) You could create your table prior to populating it, and include a
column that is type "SERIAL", this will create an autogenerated integer
identifier that you could name "gid" if you so desired.

2) select area2d(Intersection(f.the_geom, c.the_geom)) ...
NOTE: You will have to convert this area2d result from the units of your
map projection into acres

3) ST_intersection and intersection are the same, the new (ST_*) naming
convention was recently added, for reasons that I do not know but assume
that they were good ones.


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Hi all,

I figured out how to use Intersection and get a resulting table with
apparently correct results using the example from the PostGIS website:

CREATE TABLE new_fields AS
   Intersection(f.the_geom, c.the_geom) AS the_geom,
   fields f,
   clu c
   f.the_geom && c.the_geom
   Intersects(f.the_geom, c.the_geom)

However, this example does not create a gid column and I therefore can
not view the results in a GIS program. Is there a way to create a gid
column after-the-fact?

Optional questions for those feeling super-helpful:

(1) How should the above SQL be rewritten to include gid in the
resulting table?

(2) I know that eliminating the first line will simply give me a table
spit onto the SQL results in pgAdmin. How do I alter the SQL above to
give me the acreages rather then a list of the geometries? I can get the
acreages from the table resulting from the above, but I can't figure out
how to skip the step of creating a table.

(3) What is the syntax using ST_Intersection rather than Intersection?


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