[postgis-users] GIST index speed

Peck, Brian brian.peck at lmco.com
Wed Jun 4 16:05:40 PDT 2008

Hey all,


I currently am working on a PostGIS database (Postgres 8.3) and the
requests are going slower than expected.


The table I'm querying off of has ~42000 entries in it, and the geometry
field I'm using has a gist index on it. The query however is taking ~6
seconds to return me the entries.


I am making the query 


SELECT * FROM asdfs_track_point where
within(the_geom,GeometryFromText('POLYGON((-180.0 -90.0,-180.0
90.0,180.0 90.0,180.0 -90.0,-180.0 -90.0))',4326));


This is a test case and so I am doing the entire world to find out how
long things should take, but I'm told that with only 42000 rows in the
table it should be faster than 6 seconds.


Anyone have any idea why it might be going slow, or a way to speed up
the query?




- Brian Peck

- 858-795-1398

- Software Engineer

- Lockheed Martin


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