[postgis-users] shp2pgsql and psql commands in a powershell script?

Kimball Johnson kjohnson at voiceandnetworksystems.com
Sun Jun 8 14:37:09 PDT 2008



I'm trying to upload the tiger2007fe shape files into postgis 1.3.3 on
postgresql 8.3 on my windows 2003 server.


These are the commands in my powershell script:


shp2pgsql C: \TigerTest\01_ALABAMA\01019_Cherokee\fe_2007_01019_addr
public.01019_addr  >  C:


psql -d tiger2007fe_test -f C:


There are two issues: 


1.       the sql command file doesn't pick up the table name from the
shp2pgsql command line. This should be 'public.01019_addr' but shows in the
file as 'public.""'.


I don't have a clue about #1.


2.       the psql command wants to prompt for the password. I can use the -U
option for the username, but there doesn't seem to be a way to provide the
password for the named user.


#2 I kind of understand because I know if I logged onto the server as
postgres, I could execute the script. However, there are a number of reasons
I don't like this.


So should I be using some other options for the shp2pgsql that would not
generate a sql command script that I have to execute?


The ogr commands allowed me to provide the  necessary values with the 'PG:'
option this way: "dbname=tiger2006se_test user=postgres  password=secret"


Is there something like this?


Thanks very much,




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