[postgis-users] out of memory @ UPDATE a big table

Kis János Tamás kijato at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 00:22:52 PDT 2008


I have a big table with 21094 rows and each row has a geometry (polygon)
column with average more than 10 point.

When I run the next SQL:

  UPDATE kecskemet_k.foldreszletek AS t SET hrsz=i.szoveg
           FROM ( SELECT t.sorszam, f.szoveg
                  FROM kecskemet_k.foldreszletek t,
                       kecskemet_k.feliratok f
                  WHERE t.geometria && f.geometria
                    AND intersects( t.geometria, f.geometria )
                    AND f.reteg IN ( '11' )
                  ) AS i
           WHERE t.sorszam=i.sorszam;

I get the next message:

ERROR:  out of memory
DETAIL:  Failed on request of size 2941.

********** Error **********

ERROR: out of memory
SQL state: 53200
Detail: Failed on request of size 2941.

And now What can I do...? Where is the problem? Where I need to search?

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