[postgis-users] Deleting Geometries Above and Below 60 Degrees Latitude

Dylan Lorimer edylan at google.com
Fri Jun 13 14:22:43 PDT 2008


Have a question I'm hoping for some assistance with. I have a table that
contains polygons that are of various shapes and sizes and dispersed all
over the world. Some of them exist above or below 60 degrees north/south
latitude. Others cross over the 60 degree north and south latitude line.

What I would like to do is delete from my table all geometries falling north
or south of the 60 degree latitude line AND where a geometry crosses the
line cut it along the line so that only the part of the geometry lying
within the 60 north/south region is left.

I'm a bit lost on how to do this. One thought I had was to construct a box
representing the area that I want to keep and then somehow removing
everything that doesn't intersect it. Is that the right approach? Any other
easier way to do this?

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