[postgis-users] out of memory @ UPDATE a big table

Kis János Tamás kjt at takarnet.hu
Wed Jun 18 05:13:06 PDT 2008

2008 18.31 dátummal Kevin Neufeld <kneufeld at refractions.net> ezt írta:
> Actually, 21000 is a very small table. There are spatial tables out
> there with 1/2 billion rows.
> You shouldn't be getting an out of memory error on such a small
> table.
> What happens if you try to restructure your query, like:
> UPDATE kecskemet_k.foldreszletek AS t
> SET hrsz=f.szoveg
> FROM kecskemet_k.feliratok f
> WHERE t.geometria && f.geometria
> AND intersects( t.geometria, f.geometria )
> AND f.reteg IN ( '11' );
> If you still get an out of memory error, let us know of your
> machine's specs and Postgres settings, like shared_memory,
> work_mem, etc.

Maybe I found what was the problem:

In the table is 21094 POLYGONs:
sum: ~280000 points,
avg: ~13 point/POLYGON, 
sum area: ~32000 ha
avg area: ~1.5 ha
and I have a -I think-  too big POLYGON (at PostGIS || at my 
computer), wich has ~3000 points and ~3200 ha.

If it exists, then I get the out of memory error irrespectively of 
postgresql.conf settings. But when I delete it from table, all right.

What can I do, if I don't want delete it?


McAfee SCM 4.1 által ellenőrizve!

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