[postgis-users] Getting dimensions of polygon sides

Obe, Regina robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov
Mon Jun 16 08:16:07 PDT 2008

 When I exported it out with Ogr2Ogr, it exported out polygon boxes
angled in the direction the text should be angled (almost like a
placeholder for the text). 

So does it look fine in ArcMap, but when you export it out it sometimes
has a line crossing itself? or you can't export it out at all? 

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My limited experience is the annotation in ArcMap can be a pretty 
bizarre format.  Sometimes is comes out fine - other times it has a line

crossing itself.  If you have a curved annotation, it gets even worse.


Obe, Regina wrote:
> Can someone who has ArcMap 9.2 verify for me if it can or can not
> annotations in ESRI Shapefile format.  The idea that it can't is
> baffling to me.  So I'm guessing its some misunderstanding. I still
> to install my ArcMap 9.2 and become an addict, but I think it would
> me a while to get up to speed since all the menu options are too much
> for my little brain to handle.

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