[postgis-users] Shapefile Tool

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Mon Jun 16 14:39:15 PDT 2008

You can use Kosmo (http://www.opengis.es .  Sorry the webpages are only 
in spanish languaje, but it is the new Kosmo website, and we hope it 
will be in english languaje in next days/weeks and we hope in other 
different languajes coming soon).

With Kosmo, you can create/edit a shapefile and later save it as a 
Postgis layer...
or you can directly create a empty layer whith the attributes you need, 
save it as a postgis layer and directly editing in Postgis; no neccesary 
an intermediate shapefile.



Bob Pawley escribió:
> Does anyone know of a tool the will allow the user to draw a geometric 
> object and convert it to a shapefile, or WKT/WKB, suitable to import 
> into Postgis???
> Bob
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