[postgis-users] Postigis self documenting code?

Sufficool, Stanley ssufficool at rov.sbcounty.gov
Fri Jun 20 08:59:09 PDT 2008

Issue 1: Can we just name the arguments to the functions rather that
using aliases? Is this functionality specific to any version of
Postgres? This would give immediate view of args in pgAdmin rather than
scrolling through the code to find the aliases and relating them to the
types in the function definition.


CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION addgeometrycolumn (
	catalog_name character varying, 
	schema_name character varying,
	table_name character varying, 
	column_name character varying, 
	new_srid integer, 
	new_type character varying, 
	new_dim integer


Issue 2: As mentioned before, can we take the Postgis documentation of
functions and integrate with metadata as follows?
COMMENT ON FUNCTION addgeometrycolumn(character varying, character
varying, character varying, character varying, integer, character
varying, integer) IS 'Adds a geometry column to an existing table of
attributes. The schema_name is 
the name of the table schema (unused for pre-schema PostgreSQL
The srid must be an integer value reference to an entry in the
table. The type must be an uppercase string corresponding to the
geometry type,


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