[postgis-users] Negative buffer chokes on Alaska

Sean Fulton seanasy at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 19:47:20 PDT 2008

I have Census congressional district data loaded in a Postgis db. I 
want to do a negative buffer on all of the districts. The data is in US 
National Atlas (EPSG:2163).

Whenever I try to do a large (~10,000 m) buffer postgresql crashes. I 
eventually figured out that Alaska was causing the problem. Reducing 
the buffer gives unusual results for Alaska. A -500m buffer produces 
the image attached (blue = buffer result, green = original data).

Postgis: POSTGIS="1.3.3" GEOS="3.0.0-CAPI-1.4.1" PROJ="Rel. 4.6.0, 21 
Dec 2007" USE_STATS
Original data: http://dpaste.com/58232/plain/

Is it a problem with the data? With Postgis?

Thanks in advance,

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