[postgis-users] CGAL and PostGIS

Daniel Kastl orkney at gmx.de
Wed Jun 25 15:23:30 PDT 2008

João Gonçalves schrieb:
> >Hi!
> Is there a way to use CGAL's algorithm library with PostgrSQL/PostGIS
> data? Is there any project, ideas or other stuff attempting to do it?
> What would this require in terms of programming skills?
> I'm particularly interested in binding CGAL straight skeleton
> algorithm with PostGIS but I lack the knowledge to do this! Any
> constructive solution to this question?
> >> Thanks in advance
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Hi João,

pgRouting (http://pgrouting.postlbs.org/) uses the alpha-shape algorithm
of the CGAL library for its driving distance calculation. This is not
the perfect solution, because this part of CGAL is released under QPL,
which is in general incompatible with GPL ... except you are the
copyright owner and add an exception.
http://www.cgal.org/license.html --> see GPL-QPL Incompatibility Note

If possible I would avoid using CGAL.
It can be also annoying to install (my personal experience).


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