[postgis-users] Windows Crash

Bob Pawley rjpawley at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 26 08:57:03 PDT 2008


I'm copying PostgreSQL discussion group in case the following problem 
involves their efforts.

I am running Postgresql 8.3 with Postgis latest version and PGAdmin 1.8.2 on 
Windows XP.

I imported a shapefile using conversion and upload and it installed with no 

When I viewed the table through PGAdmin and scrolled, Windows crashed with a 
message that the graphics driver had an error.

I downloaded and installed the latest graphics driver and tried to view the 
table again.

This time I used the Select * option and the table opened normally, but when 
I attempted to scroll, Windows again crashed.

This time I got the blue screen with the error message 

I restarted and again used Select * all and was able to read the table. Very 
slow scrolling allowed me to read a few rows, some of which had distorted 
views of the information in the geometriy column.

Would anyone have any thoughts - other than to buy new hardware??


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