[postgis-users] Windows Crash

Bruce Rindahl rindahl at lrcwe.com
Thu Jun 26 10:10:30 PDT 2008

I know you are joking but I am starting to get tired of these posts.  To 
me one of the biggest problems in open source software is the attitude 
given to users asking for help with Windows.  You have no idea of the 
reasons behind the decision of the poster to use Windows but you quickly 
imply he is ignorant of any version of linux.  This type of post is made 
constantly on this list and others like it to questions by Windows users.
In our office we are migrating more and more of our database 
applications to PostgreSQL/PostGIS because of its performance and 
features.  Recently we formated a Windows Server machine to linux 
specifically to run PostgreSQL/PostGIS because of all the reasons you 
would love to post about.  We are installing and configuring servers on 
our clients just to run PostgresSQL.  NONE of this would have happened 
unless there was a native port and installer for Windows so we could 
evaluate and test it.  The affine transformation module in PostGIS was 
written, complied and tested in a Windows environment (with the patient 
help of Paul Ramsey who walked me through compiling it on Windows).
The biggest source of new users to any open source project is current 
Windows users.  The biggest myth about open source software is there is 
no support.  Your post just reinforces that myth.
Again I am sorry since I know you are joking but I needed to state it.

Bruce Rindahl

Ivan Mincik wrote:
> Yes, You can use some better operating system. You can choose from plenty of linux
> distributions, many BSD flavors or solaris. :) 
> I see many ways to solve this problem with plenty of benefits in the future. 
> Sorry and good luck,
> Ivan

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