[postgis-users] Windows Crash

Milo van der Linden mlinden at zeelandnet.nl
Thu Jun 26 15:57:57 PDT 2008

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Excellent, system independent, statement Paul!

I am running 3 windows 2003 servers with postgresql/postgis on them. I
use pgAdmin too to monitor and query. With postgresql/postgis I use
mapserver configured on IIS (no, not Apache and no ms4w).

The production server has been running 8.2 since februari 2007, without
a single crash. I never experienced pgAdmin crashes. Two weeks ago I set
up a postgresql 8.3 with postGIS and migrated 50% of the production
databases, all in 25 minutes.

Despite the fact that some people are a bit quick with shouting "linux",
I think the postgresql/postGIS community offers excelent support for
Windows based operating systems.

My guess would also be; check that hardware. I had some poor experiences
in the past running windows 2003 on HP Proliant 19"rack servers machines
that where probably assembled on a monday..

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> This is in no way a PostGIS problem, certainly nothing we can ever
> fix, just something that the particular combination of PgAdmin, the
> geometry we are feeding it, and the way the Windows rendering system
> are interacting.
> My experience has been that these days the thing that causes a modern
> operating system (Windows, Linux, whatever) to crash is bad hardware,
> usually bad memory, but sometimes other things. Basically, the
> operating system itself is usually rock solid until you shake the
> foundations it sits on, the hardware.
> So basically, all I can offer is the doctor's advice to the patient
> who said "doctor, doctor, it hurts when I raise my arm over my
> head!"... "don't raise your arm over your head".
> In the meantime, if you want to fiddle with things, swapping the order
> of your memory in the sockets, changing out the video card, even
> changing your screen resolution, might change the interaction such
> that you can exercise this particular use case without dropping your
> OS to the floor.
> P.
> On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 10:31 AM, Obe, Regina <robe.dnd at cityofboston.gov> wrote:
>> I second Bruce's comment about unhelpful comments.
>> It may actually have nothing to do with Windows in fact.
>> Now getting back to the crash issue.  Bob if you are still having the same
>> issue with that file, maybe you can post that (or provide a link to the
>> shape file you loaded).  It could be something to do with the shapefile.
>> I recall having this same issue with one particular geometry file way back
>> in PgAdmin 1.6 and it was when I scrolled to a specific record it would
>> crash, but then later additions (I either maybe never selected the geometry
>> field again) or it was fixed in later versions.  Doing an AsText
>> always seemed to work where as displaying the raw binary was where I ran
>> into issues.
>> The other possibility is that it could be a defective graphics card. I
>> forget which video cards I had bad runs with, but I remember having this
>> same exact issue with my favorite programming editor JEdit.  I had 2
>> identical computers with same drivers etc and for some reason I would get
>> intermittent crashes on one of them.  I finally just got fed up and replaced
>> the graphics card and then it worked fine.
>> Just some thoughts.
>> Thanks,
>> Regina
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