[postgis-users] ST_Contains - WGS84

postgis.domain.thewild at spamgourmet.com postgis.domain.thewild at spamgourmet.com
Fri Jun 27 06:18:20 PDT 2008

Markus Schaber - schabi at logix-tt.com a écrit :
> I'm not really sure about that, it may be that the rubberbands get
> mangled into curves in certain projections. And so vertexes from other
> polygons might "jump" on the other side of the rubberband.

Indeed, I would assume that too.
Projections do not preserve parallelism, so I guess that the same 
geometries projected in two different srids could have different 
ST_Relate results.
If you want "true results", I think you have to go for a real coordinate 
space like 4326.

That's just the way I see things btw, I would really like someone to 
clarify this.


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