[postgis-users] Postgresql 8.3 on windows and geomunion

Bogumił Szady szady at kul.lublin.pl
Mon Mar 3 13:33:26 PST 2008

Hi Postgis-Users,

I have problem with postgresql 8.3 (postgis included), and the function 
*geomunion*. When I use this function in my linux version (8.2) 
everything works fine. I would like to union polygons from my view 
"granice_view" into new view "dekanaty".

CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW "public"."dekanaty" (
SELECT min(g.gid) AS gid, g.dekanat,
  geomunion(g.the_geom) AS the_geom
FROM granice_view g
GROUP BY g.dekanat;

This query works well on posrgresql 8.2 with postgis, but in the newer 
version 8.3 I have the alert "OPERATION ON MIXED SRID GEOMETRIES". I 
don't understand why - all srid numers in the "geometry_columns" are the 
same and correct. Is that postgresql 8.3 error?


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