[postgis-users] PostgreSQL UK Conference 2008

Dave Page dpage at postgresql.org
Wed Mar 5 03:28:23 PST 2008

The first UK PostgreSQL Conference will be held on 2nd April 2008 in
Birmingham, United Kingdom. The schedule for the day includes talks
from a variety of PostgreSQL community members, users and companies,

* Simon Riggs, author of PITR and partitioning in Postgres - speaking
on PostgreSQL in the UK.

* Dave Page, pgAdmin lead developer and PostgreSQL Core Team member -
discussing how the PostgreSQL project works.

* Chris Fewtrell, Claranet - describing Claranet's Postgres-based
order management and invoicing system, Messina.

* Duncan Beeby, EnterpriseDB - discussing how a number of UK companies
are using Postgres and why.

* Sun Microsystems, talking on Postgres in the Data Centre.

* Richard Huxton, PostgreSQL community member - speaking on integrated
full text search in PostgreSQL 8.3

* Mark Cave-Ayland demonstrating integration of map data with PostGIS.

* Mark Taylor/Duncan Gibb, Sirius - discussing enterprise class Postgres

* Tim Retout, Credativ - speaking on integrated monitoring for Postgres.

Further information about the talks, speakers and conference itself
can be found at:


Registration is open now, so book early to avoid disappointment!! We
look forward to seeing you there.

Dave Page

PostgreSQL UK 2008 Conference: http://www.postgresql.org.uk

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