[postgis-users] PostgreSQL/PostGIS and ArcGIS Server 9.3

Martin Davis mbdavis at refractions.net
Fri May 23 10:11:56 PDT 2008

Can you clarify your statement "The geometries can be in WKB or SDE".  
If the SDE is truly using PostGIS then surely the geometry has to be 
stored in the PostGIS internal format (which is neither WKB or SDE).  Or 
are you talking about the "SDE-native-in-PostgreSQL" implementation, 
which I believe was also going to be provided as a product (the great 
thing about SDE is that there's so many to choose from....  And lots 
more bug reports to enjoying reading...  8^)

Rob Tester wrote:
> Okay, I have the current 9.3 rc1 with the SDE and PostGIS. I also have
> talked with some of the developers at ESRI and can tell you the following.
> Yes the support for PostGIS does exist. The geometries can be in WKB or SDE
> (we keep ours in WKB). According to the developers of SDE for PostGIS there
> isn't a large difference in the type anyway. But you can't use both at the
> same time, so you have to pick your poison.
> I have also patched ZigGIS so that it works with just the ArcGIS Engine
> which is what we use to develop our applications. 
> Rob.

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